Our Brands

JIAYEN, which literally means “gourmet dishes fit for a King” is a variety of classic Asian Menu dishes. For home consumption, JIAYEN menu dishes is packed in family-sized frozen pouches of between 400-500gm. It is very convenient for the busy professionals who prefer to have a home-cooked meal with family members by combining a number of dishes, and  complimented by home-cooked rice or noodles for a complete sit-down dinner with their loved ones.  

For the HORECA market, JIAYEN is available in bulk pack of between 1-3kg. Restaurants and cafes can choose from a wide variety of menus from rice and noodle dishes to proteins like poultry, meat and seafood dishes. Ideal for retail operators who have limited on-site kitchen facility or wish to expand their menu offerings beyond what their kitchen can produce.  

This is a range of single dish complete meals served individual box trays of between 350-500gm portion. As the name implies, it is of restaurant quality, cooked by professional chefs but packed in a convenient to use box. Just re-heat and serve immediately for a fresh and hot meals. Every pack of Chef-In-Box is prepared with fresh ingredients without added preservatives, colourings, or flavourings. Its nutrients and flavour are locked in through cook-chill and cook-freeze technology.


VENDCAFÉ is synonymous with quality and food convenience. The first of its kind in the world, it's café concept that combines the convenience of vending and unmanned operation. VENDCAFÉ provides a complete range of food and beverage options for a satisfying meal but it has the added advantage of operating 24/7 without being manned by any staff.

VENDCAFÉ serves a variety of Asian and Western favourites from Chef-In-Box, with its meals either piping hot or frozen for take-away, if desired. These are complemented by freshly-brewed coffee and a variety of beverages and snacks for meals on-the-go.

A legendary and trusted fine-dining teppanyaki restaurant, founded by Chef Katsuhiro Watanabe in 1980. It was the first Teppayaki Restaurant to be established in Singapore and have operated in Goodwood Park Hotel since then. It became a fully owned JR Group’s subsidiary in 2014 when Mr Watanabe retired and returned to Japan.  It has been located at the Goodwood Park Hotel in Singapore since its inception in 1980.

SHIMA current Executive Chef is veteran Kaiseki Chef Hoshiba Fumihiko. Chef Hoshiba is one of the most awarded kaiseki chefs in Hokkaido with over 40 years of culinary experience, 30 of which was spent at the Koishikawa restaurant in Tokyo Dome, Sapporo.  Regarded as one of the best kaiseki chefs in Hokkaido, he also formerly served as chairman of the National Culinary Society of Japan. SHIMA have expanded its menu beyond Teppanyaki to include an authentic Hokkaido Omakase menu curated specially by its Chef Hoshiba.  

SHIMA uses only air-flown quality ingredients and beverages from Japan on a weekly basis,  including seasonal ingredients for both its Teppanyaki and Omakase menus to ensure authenticity and the highest quality fine dining Japanese meals.